Decimal and fractional odds

A slightly confusing aspect of betting on football is the fact that odds can be displayed in two completely different formats: decimal or fractional. In online betting, bettors have the option to view odds both ways, depending on which they prefer.

Why bet on football?

Betting on football, like betting on horse racing, is a national pastime in the UK. More people bet on football every week than play it, and it remains one of the most popular sports on which punters like to have a flutter.

Value betting: improving your odds

Although many punters bet on a ‘gut feel’ or any number of other unscientific influences, the best way to decide which football team to back comes from an assessment of each bet’s ‘value’.

Why you should bet on what you know

In this guide to simple gambling for beginners, we raise the notion that betting beginners should bet on teams, games and leagues that they know something about.

The foibles of home and away form

Whether a team is playing at home or away (at their opponent’s ground) is one of the most important factors bookmakers look at when setting odds.
It sounds strange that where a team plays football should have such a big influence on the outcome of a match; it’s the same grass, same rules, same teams, yet [...]

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