Football betting glossary A to C

A list of betting terms applying to the sometimes complex world of betting on football. The series kicks off, as you might expect, with terms starting with A through to C.

Football betting glossary D to F

In the second part of our betting glossary we examine terms including decimal odds, efficient markets and folds. In fact, it’s everything you need to know about football betting from D to F.

Football betting glossary G to O

Learn about betting terms in our glossary of words from ‘G’ to ‘O’. Do you know what an ‘odds compiler’ is? How about ‘laying’, ‘handicaps’ and ‘monkeys’? All is explained in our third instalment of betting jargon.

Football betting glossary P – Z

In our final instalment of the definitive guide to football betting terms, we take you through a maze of phrases including ‘vigorish’, ‘red book’ and ’scorecast’.