Arsenal vs Barcelona preview and tips

The biggest test for Arsenal in their Champions League quarter final on Wednesday night will be to keep a clean sheet against a Barcelona side that’s full of goals.

Blackburn vs Birmingham preview and tips

The Premier League’s surprise success story pays a visit to its dark horses on Wednesday night with both teams having seemingly little to play for except pride and plaudits.

Why bet on football?

Betting on football, like betting on horse racing, is a national pastime in the UK. More people bet on football every week than play it, and it remains one of the most popular sports on which punters like to have a flutter.

Placing a bet for the first time

Your mates might think they’ve got a sure-fire way to beat the bookies. Whether it involves rotations, long odds or pot luck, the simple fact is they haven’t and you shouldn’t be sucked in.
Betting is a cross between a science and an art form. It’s not 100 per cent scientific because there are no guarantees [...]