Explaining arbitrage

Arbitrage is a strange-sounding noun describing a betting system that ‘guarantees’ a small profit on certain wagers. It is time-consuming and rarely gives big returns, but it does work, though not without exceptions.

Football betting glossary P – Z

In our final instalment of the definitive guide to football betting terms, we take you through a maze of phrases including ‘vigorish’, ‘red book’ and ’scorecast’.

Win with over-under betting

Over-under betting is a form of ‘special betting’ offered by bookmakers that lets you predict the total number of goals during a game of football.

The truth about long odds

Unfortunately, bookies aren’t stupid. They set odds according to mathematical principles which all but guarantee that over time they’ll see a healthy return on their investment.
It’s why you should never bet on long odds, even if you’ve received a ‘dead cert’ insider tip. Bookies can afford to fix long odds on Algeria to win the [...]

The foibles of home and away form

Whether a team is playing at home or away (at their opponent’s ground) is one of the most important factors bookmakers look at when setting odds.
It sounds strange that where a team plays football should have such a big influence on the outcome of a match; it’s the same grass, same rules, same teams, yet [...]

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