World Cup 2010: Five of the Best Special Bets

World Cup 2010 is set to be the biggest betting event in history and we have selected five of the best special bets available to you…..

Half time-full time score bets

Another fancy way to slice and dice your bets is by selecting the result at the end of each half. Though this sounds pointless, half time-full time bets have a few advantages over standard punts.

Special bets

In football, special bets allow punters to bet on outcomes that are more complicated than the standard win, lose or draw scenarios.

Win with over-under betting

Over-under betting is a form of ‘special betting’ offered by bookmakers that lets you predict the total number of goals during a game of football.

The truth about long odds

Unfortunately, bookies aren’t stupid. They set odds according to mathematical principles which all but guarantee that over time they’ll see a healthy return on their investment.
It’s why you should never bet on long odds, even if you’ve received a ‘dead cert’ insider tip. Bookies can afford to fix long odds on Algeria to win the [...]

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