Manchester City vs Aston Villa: City to stick with it

Both Manchester City and Aston Villa come into this game knowing that only a win will be enough to keep their Champions League hopes alive. A draw would let in Tottenham and Liverpool; achieve a loss and it’s goodnight Vienna.

Hull vs Villa: Clarets in control

With Hull City mired in the Premiership’s drop zone and Aston Villa still in with slim chance of a top four finish, Wednesday clash has connotations for teams in both halves of the league.

Wednesday night match tips

Three more games to tempt you lovely punters: will Arsenal bounce back from injury woe? Who’ll get the upper hand between Wigan and Bolton? And which Championship result is a safe bet?

Why avoid ‘dead certs’

Put simply, there is no such thing as a ‘dead cert’ on a single bet. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. If there was such a thing it wouldn’t be called gambling – it would be called making money.