England v Algeria: England’s all or nothing game

England kick off their must win (or should that be ‘must thrash’) game against Algeria at 7.30pm on Friday. Needing a big goal difference to top group, we expect, nay demand lots of goals.

The big World Cup betting guide

With the World Cup just moments away and (touch wood) all the training injuries out of the way, now’s the time to start thinking about betting on the tournament. We take a look at where you can win big.

International friendly match tips

All of the home nations are involved in friendly matches against opposition of varying international standing this evening. With only one (England) set for a place in the World Cup this summer, the others will be looking to build their squads and increase rankings ahead of the 2012 Euros.

The truth about long odds

Unfortunately, bookies aren’t stupid. They set odds according to mathematical principles which all but guarantee that over time they’ll see a healthy return on their investment.
It’s why you should never bet on long odds, even if you’ve received a ‘dead cert’ insider tip. Bookies can afford to fix long odds on Algeria to win the [...]