Why you should bet on what you know

In this guide to simple gambling for beginners, we raise the notion that betting beginners should bet on teams, games and leagues that they know something about.

Betting formulas

Learn before you bet

This sounds like common sense but an unbelievable number of punters are tempted by exotic sounding teams playing in far-away countries. There’s no point betting on these, regardless of odds, even for a laugh.

This advice applies just as much to experts as beginners, but for those starting out in betting it’s all the more important. If you don’t know the best ways to bet, then why handicap yourself further by betting on teams you don’t recognise too?

There are thousands of factors competing with each other in every game of football – that’s why it’s so hard to judge who’s going to win, let alone other variables such as the score line or who will score first.

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There’s a lot that goes into each football match: team and player form, injuries, absentees, player attitudes (are they applying for a transfer?), home or away, the referee, the coach, club finances – the list goes on for ever.

Some of the above factors will apply to the game you’re betting on more than others, so study the evidence that matters to you and bet from a position of knowledge rather than guesswork.

In reality, the team you’re likely to make most money from is the team you support; not because you like it when they win, but because you follow their fortunes day-in-day-out. You recognise the players, the pitch and the coaching team.

More to the point you know in your heart of hearts when they are likely lose.

Knowledge is power, so before you even think about wasting your cash, stop and take time to read up some of the finer points of the match you’re about to put money on. We recommend a Google news search for the names of the teams involved (Arsenal Man Utd, for example).

So get learning!

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